Madelaine Gamble Rosevear

BSc. (Environmental Fluid Mechanics) Hons1.


PhD project in Fine scale processes in ice shelf-ocean interactions. University of Tasmania (2016-present)

BSc (Hons1) (Environmental Fluid Mechanics) Australian National University. 2015.

Madelaine Gamble Rosevear is a PhD Student at the University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia. She has a background in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics and a passion for applying it to fundamental aspects of Antarctic research. Madelaine’s work focuses on quantifying the ocean-driven melting of Antarctic ice shelves through field observations and high-resolution modelling of the ice-ocean boundary layer. The aim of her research is to reduce uncertainty in predictions of future sea level though accurate estimates of ice shelf thinning, a key component of ice sheet stability. Madelaine also has an interest in applying ground based geophysical techniques to study ice shelf melting, subglacial hydrology, and ice shelf flow response. To this end, she has have worked on field campaigns acquiring radar and seismic data from an Antarctic ice shelf and tributary glacier.

Madelaine has field-based research experience from her involvement in field campaigns over three seasons in Antarctica. Madelaine has experience in deploying remote sensing instrumentation in Antarctic for projects being delivered by the Australian Antarctic Program and the University of Tasmania, and has undertaken active seismic surveys on the Totten Glacier in East Antarctica.

Madelaine is proficient in programming languages including: Python, Matlab, Fortran and Tex. Experience with Paraview (data visualisation software) and QGIS.

Madi on the Totten Glacier. Photo: David Lomas



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