Paul Winberry

PhD (Geoscience), MSc(Geoscience), BSc. (Geoscience)


PhD (Geoscience), Pennsylvania State University, USA. 2008.

MSc. (Geoscience) Pennsylvania State University, USA. 2003.

BSc (Geoscience), University of North Carolina, USA, 2001.

Dr. Paul Winberry brings nearly 20 years of experience in geophysical and remote sensing analysis of Earth’s glaciated regions. Paul has directly applied these skills during the management during numerous projects with a total value exceeding 4 million $USD for Central Washington University and the University of Tasmania during the past decade. Paul is a research associate at Central Washington University.

Most recently Paul has collaborated with researchers at the University of Tasmania, on the Totten Glacier Ice Dynamics Project. Paul undertook collection and analysis seismic data to constrain environmental conditions of this remote Antarctic location. The results were used to constrain oceanographic influence on changing ice loss in the Australian Antarctic Territory.

Since 2013, Paul has led project design and management to design new polar seismic capability for the US scientific community. His role on the project Development of the Geophysical Earth Observatory for Ice Covered Environments for the US National Science Foundation, Provided oversight and review of engineering partnership between academic and commercial organisations.

Paul has been a Field scientist (geophysicist) on 16 multidisciplinary Antarctic research expeditions as part of the United States and Australian Antarctic Programs.

Dr Winberry contributes editorial and review roles to several international per reviewed journals and continues to mentor and supervise students in his ongoing role as a Researcher for Central Washington University, USA.

Seismic survey on Totten Glacier. Photo: Madi Gamble Rosevear



Current committees and memberships

IRIS and UNAVCO Polar Networks Science Committee. Co-Chair. 2019-present

IRIS-PASSCAL Standing Committee. 2018-present.

Ice-Drilling Program Office Science Advisory Board Member. 2017-present

NASA. Proposal Review Panel (Planetary Sciences). 2016

US National Science Foundation (NSF). Proposal Review Panel. 2016.

NASA. Proposal Review Panel (Earth Sciences). 2016

IRIS and UNAVCO Polar Networks Science Committee. Member. 2014-2016

US National Science Foundation. Proposal Review Panel. 2013.

NASA. Proposal Review Panel. 2010.

Editorial / Review Roles

Paul has held Editorial positions for the following international peer-reviewed journals, including:

Associate Editor, Journal of Geophysical Research Earth Studies. 2019-present.

Associate Editor for Issue 79, Annals of Glaciology. 2018-2019.

Paul has also been a reviewer for Academic Journals including Science, Nature, Geology, Journal of Geophysical Research, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, and Journal of Glaciology since 2008.