Our Team

The strength of our collective approach, is our people.

We meet the challenge of each project with a bespoke team of local and international specialists. Our Clients benefit from the assemblage of exceptional teams, tailored for each project to deliver robust work of the highest quality.

Altogether our team has direct experience amassed over many years working in remote areas, in harsh environments, on the ice and at sea, and they will bring this experience directly to your project.

Meet a few of the SkadiNu Collective here.

Project Manager / Environmental Engineer MIEAust CPEng NER

Hobart, Australia


Brisbane, Australia

Geophysics / Remote Sensing and Data Analyst

Ellensburg, USA


Hobart, Australia

Remote Sensing and Data analyst / Engineering

Los Angeles, USA

Sharon Labudda

Project Field Logistics

Queensland, Australia

Interested in joining our collective? Let's talk!

+61 478 956 168 or info@skadinu.com