Science Outreach and Communication

Why SkadiNu?

We hold editorial and review roles for international journals

Experienced in media, including live radio, and interviews for television

Public speaking at public events, universities and schools

Expert opinion services

Our team have worked with ABC News including programs Behind The News, and Dr Karl on TripleJ.

Dr Galton-Fenzi collaborated with Dr Karl to produce the Shirtloads of Science - Glaciology podcast (Ep 126).

Our services include:

  • Expert review and editorial services
  • Expert opinion
  • Public speaking
  • Science outreach activities
  • Media content and comment

Editorial and review services

SkadiNu team members are highly experienced in undertaking independent peer review tasks for both academic proposals and for journal publications. Our team members are involved with the writing and review of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and also hold positions as Editors for scientific journals including The Cryosphere, Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, Annals of Glaciology, and Journal of Geophysical Research Earth Studies.

Science communication and outreach

Our team members communicate with influence evidenced by the value of their contributions through national and international invited fellowships and lectures, publications, organising conferences and sessions for conferences, grant and journal reviews. Our team can adapt their verbal communication style to suit the situation and audience. We can provide speakers to present to a broad cross section of society, on our core disciplines of the oceans, crysosphere and climate science.

At high-level meetings: Including briefings to the Boards, Government ministers, corporate events, and at international meetings using standard presentation materials, to communicate complete scientific ideas and the development of strategic research directions.

To schools and universities: To students (including kindergarten, high school and university students) during various community outreach activities involving the general public, where we incorporate a range of kinaesthetic and visual learning props that stimulate their learning, including experiments and experiences. Our team is active in communication research findings via presenting academic lecturers, teaching into undergraduate courses, presenting to executive leadership teams, teaching / tutoring students, presenting public lecturers, or facilitating knowledge sharing workshops.

To news and media outlets: Where we are required to distil complex science ideas for the audience , across radio, television and print media. Our team is also experienced in working with live media. We are available to provide expert comment on areas within our core disciplines.