Programme and Project Design and Review

Why SkadiNu?

Extensive track record in technical and merit assessment for Government programmes

Experience in design of funding application processes

Third party independent peer review services

Expertise in project management and reporting for Commonwealth grants programmes

Our team members provided direct scientific advice that has contributed to the successful establishment of several research programs valued at over AUD$150 million within Australia, including the Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems CRC , the Australian Research Council Special Research Initiative, and the Australian Antarctic Program Partnership.

Our services include:

  • Grants management and reporting
  • Project and programme review services
  • Research project review and development
  • Project management
  • Stakeholder engagement and public participation

Research project advice and review services

Third party independent peer review is an essential part of undertaking quality assurance of your organisation’s outputs and activities. Regardless of whether you are from private industry, government or academia, we can provide you access to independent and specialist personnel, with a proven track-record in the area of interest to assist you in fulfilling your professional requirements. We can provide:

  • Editorial process services, including processes for peer-review.
  • Provision of expert opinion by world-leading specialists.
  • Independent review of technical documentation, providing robustness of process to clients.

We have an extensive research project track record and can provide services to assist in the effective design and development of research and technical projects, particularly advising on the viability of field based programs.

Our team has been highly successful in having funding awarded for their projects from multiple Australian programs including the Australian Research Council, State Governments, Australian Antarctic Division, and international programs such as the USA National Science Foundation and others.

Grants programme services

SkadiNu offers expert technical advice to assist in the development of funding programs, and review of established programs. We provide services across all aspects of grants and funding programs, including application design, data management, merit and technical assessment, and provision of technical advice for inclusion in conditions of funding.

We provide support to grant programme managers, by undertaking risk, technical and merit assessment review of funding applications.

  • We provide risk assessment of: project viability, risk of failing to meet outcomes, reputation risk, and safety and environmental risk.
  • We provide merit assessment including: ability meet the overall program outcomes, compliance with project guidelines, and fit with project objectives.
  • We provide technical assessment of: compliance with technical criteria, testing that the project concept is viable and valid. We can challenge project hypothesis and research outcomes claims, and provide independent review of technical designs and project methodologies.

We also offer services to funding recipients , including project management, program tracking, milestone reporting and other administrative services.

Programme advice and review services

We provide specialist services to Clients in the development of new programmes, and review of effectiveness of existing programs. Our team members have contributed to reviews in National and International programmes.

We provide services in the review of programmes across physical oceanography, marine science, geophysics, atmospheric science, environmental science, geophysics, impacts on ecosystems, impacts of climate change on both society and the environment and more.

Our foundation in development and administration of cutting-edge research projects and connections to research organisations within our networks, enables us to propose best practice methods with a high level of integrity to the Clients.