Why SkadiNu?

Extensive experience in running ocean simulations to constrain impacts of changing climate on sea level rise.

Our team includes lead software developers of the Regional Oceanic Modelling System (ROMS)

Experience and capability proven by peer reviewed research and publications.

Ability to provide downscaling of climate models to apply to coastal impacts assessments.

Proven ability to plan, execute and publish the results of world leading research.

Bespoke code development.

Our services include:

  • Ocean modelling
  • Implications for sea level rise from climate impacts
  • Coastal assessments
  • Hydrodynamic modelling
  • Development of monitoring and data collection programmes.

The SkadiNu team have extensive research and field work experience in oceanography. Our success comes from our ability to find innovative solutions, and by fostering and developing strong and fruitful collaborations with subject area experts to find the best solution to a problem.

SkadiNu oceanographers provide services to underpin research, produce baseline studies, and provide monitoring and evaluation of conditions in an ocean or coastal environment. We use the best available methods combining observations, theory, and modelling. Our data collection methods include in situ ocean observations from ships, aircraft, autonomous profilers (floats, gliders and AUVs), numerical modelling, atmospheric observations, and remote sensing of the ocean from air and space.

Dr Ben Galton-Fenzi has international expert knowledge in ocean modelling particularly in understanding the impact of sea level rise resulting from changing conditions to the ice sheets. Our collective skills and experience makes us one of only a few companies in the world with this capability.

SkadiNu personnel have worked in both polar regions and across all latitudes, and have strong potential to identify and leverage their experiences to provide unique solutions:

• We have extensive expertise in applied multidisciplinary projects, including modelling and solving problems related to hydrodynamics of coastal systems and oceans.

• We have expert level technical skills in the development, running and reporting of the results of hydrodynamic modelling, including synthesis and evaluation with both in situ and remote sensing data products.

• We have applied experience with oceanographic field instrumentation used in both open ocean and coastal and nearshore surveys, and the development of both power and telemetry solutions in harsh environments, for a range of instrumentation applications, including for both wave and tides.

• We have extensive experience leading teams for fieldwork in remote and isolated locations with demanding conditions, including research in marine environments and multiple southern ocean voyages on research vessels and on icebreakers.

The SkadiNu team have completed applied multidisciplinary oceanographic projects to answer complex problems across physical oceanography and impacts on ecosystems. Many of these projects sought to constrain the impacts of climate change on both society and the environment, focused on the hydrodynamics of coastal and continental shelf sea environments, including waves, sediment transport, sea ice, circulation, dispersion, pollution, and coastal inundation, and have considered Antarctic, Southern Ocean and also lower latitude ocean environments.