Why SkadiNu?

Extensive experience in glaciology assessments in polar applications

Understand your field based hazard exposure

Optimise expedition route planning

Incorporate international peer review processes into your risk planning

SkadiNu provided route assessment support to Dr Geoff Wilson on his record breaking 5,603km "The Longest Journey" expedition in December and January 2019-2020, From the Russian Novo Station to the Point of Inaccessibility, on to Dome Argus and back to Novo Station.

Services include:

  • Route assessment advice for ice sheet and sea ice
  • Terrain hazard assessment services for ice sheet and sea ice
  • Training and education services
  • 'On Call' advice to expeditions whilst underway

Terrain assessment services and Route selection services

The SkadiNu network collectively holds knowledge and experience across Antarctic science and project delivery, across multiple programs. We have established relationships throughout the international research community which we leverage to develop innovative solutions for any project.

The SkadiNu team capability in glaciological services is proven by extensive publications in glaciology and ice dynamics.

We provide terrain assessment and site characterisation advice for expeditions, traverse activities, and science project planning.

  • We have a network of specialists, with international experience in data interpretation, many of whom have on-ground experience in glaciated terrain including Antarctica, Greenland and mountain glaciers.
  • We provide expert interpretation of available remote sensing and on-ground data to provide a complete terrain assessment.

We offer:

  • Expert provision and analysis (acquisition, collation and state-of-the-art image processing), of a range of both visible and radar satellite data.
  • Development of technical specifications to facilitate and support data acquisition.
  • Robust, independently peer reviewed site characterisation reports for nominated areas of interest to support operational risk planning.
  • Provide expert input into the development and maintenance of traverse routes, including:
    • Complete consideration of route characteristics.
    • Traverse route planning and optimisation, for safe and efficient operations.
    • Facilitate independent review of our assessments, based on best-practice peer reviewed processes
  • Provide ongoing support for expeditions and operational activities, whilst underway.

Additional relevant services

  • Research and development to roll out state-of-the-art science and engineering approaches to underpin and enhance terrain assessments. This includes airborne snow radar, surface density measurements, photography, and utilising advancements in power and telemetry to support technologies such as rapid deployment AWS systems.
  • Design, development and conducting ground-based and airborne radar work in support of route planning across area of terrain carrying a higher degree of uncertainty.
  • Training packages for operations personnel and relevant users of our site characterisation outputs produced.
  • Development and support of a database to provide a spatial interface to site characterisation outputs, to supplement the experience of operational users including planners, and on-ground teams.
  • Facilitate and develop a terrain specific classification scheme for your operations, in coordination with international experts, for use in operations planning of fixed site and traverse activities.

Contracting SkadiNu to provide route assessment services provides a robust third-party independent assessment approach, further strengthened and underpinned by a process which includes international peer reviewers.