Field Program Design and Logistics Planning

Why SkadiNu?

Over 3 decades collective experience delivering science programs in remote and polar regions.

Expedition planning underpinned by a robust risk management approach.

Voyage and marine science expedition support.

Our team have years of planning, leading and working in remote field camps, and on scientific expeditions.

Our services include:

  • Mobile field campaigns
  • Viability and risk planning
  • Extended deep field base camp planning
  • Remote field services
  • Expedition science program development
  • Marine expedition planning

Remote base camp or traverse project operations support

Having the right combination of expertise and skill sets in the field can often mean the difference between a projects success over failure. The SkadiNu collective can provide:

  • Remote area guiding services - To provide your team with mountaineering and glacier travel services.
  • Specialist watercraft operators - To act as maritime co-ordinators with ships crew, for projects involving deployments of AUVs, or working from vessels under charter.
  • Equipment technicians - To support rapid deployment of temporary or fixed installations in remote areas under difficult working conditions.
  • Deep field camp management - We can provide experienced deep field operations coordinators , to establish and manage your base camp and associated logistics for the duration of your field campaign. Including camp safety, aviation support, power and fuel management, and other services.

Expedition planning services

We have an international network of specialists and logistics providers that we can draw upon to support your project.

Funding for expeditions and science programs is hard fought and won, and it is critical that funding is allocated in a manner to provide the best outcome for safe completion of the project objectives.

We are highly experienced in undertaking remote area project work, and we bring these skills to a risk based approach in planning our field work, on land , ice and at sea.

All polar project work will benefit from our glaciological terrain assessment services. We can apply our data services capability to provide analysis and modelling of physical and climatic aspects of investigation sites, across all latitudes, to ensure a holistic safety and viability based approach to field work.

Expedition science project development.

Our principal researchers have an international level track-record in successfully developing, planning and delivering scientific research projects funded by national and international science agencies, to collect data in remote environments.

We offer planning services, as well as expert review of field based science project plans, particularly around remote field work. We can apply our extensive experience to assist you in formulating a robust and achievable field program.

Science based expeditions have unique requirements above and beyond other remote exploration expeditions. Equipment requirements, project timing, and samples management require careful planning to ensure that the scientific objectives of the expedition are achieved.