Data Services

Why SkadiNu?

Extensive track record in design and establishment of data collection and analysis projects

State-of-the-art computational and analysis methods

Numerical modelling applied across the earth sciences, including oceans, atmosphere and ice

Expertise across the use of cloud clusters and high performance computing

Experience in software kernel developments and development of predictive models for specific problems

Our ability to produce robust effective synthesis and analysis of data, translating to high quality outputs is proven in our team's impressive publication track record International Peer-Reviewed journals.

Our services include:

  • Computational data services
  • High performance and cloud computing
  • Data collection, analysis and modelling
  • Data storage and archiving

Advancement in methods for sampling, analysis, storage, and data availability is rapidly growing every year and it is important to stay across these advancements in order to provide robust project outcomes.

Our researchers have an international level track-record in successfully scoping and leading research and data sampling and analysis projects. We develop for Clients bespoke model products, specialist analysis and code development, and data management systems.

We can assist organisations who have skills to undertake the scoping activities and ongoing use of models and data, but require skills to build up the model and analysis tools. We can provide assistance with ongoing training and operation of code tools as requested.

Applications of particular relevance are hydrodynamic code and data that can be used to downscale sea level projections, coastal inundation processes, and coastal erosion.

We can provide:

  • Model establishment and installation onto remote computer systems
  • Bespoke code development and implementation
  • Provide code to downscale existing models to provide clients with a high-resolution tools for use in policy, design and decision making.
  • Opportunities for training and development for personnel

Our quality outputs have been used in high impact peer reviewed international journals, and have contributed to international bodies including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP), the World Metrological Organization (WMO), the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG).

Data analysis

SkadiNu delivers state-of-the-art computational and analysis skills that includes conceptual model development; climate model output processing and bias corrections; machine learning tools; generation of statistics; frequency analysis; fitting of statistical models; multivariate analysis; dynamic numerical modelling; data assimilation and variational methods. Our personnel are experienced using a range of software tools for the interrogation and analysis of a variety of data that includes big data.

Numerical modelling

The SkadiNu collective has specific skills in applied science, with experience in the development and application of fluid dynamic models. Components of the system that can be modelled include sea ice, atmosphere, ice sheet and ocean simulations.

We have experience in:

  • Software kernel developments of predictive hydrodynamic models for specific problems.
  • Integration across the development of predictive models and the data to provide unique analysis solutions.
  • We have a combined 30 years of fluid dynamics modelling for the oceans and atmosphere, using a range of software packages.

Big data and high performance computing

We have expert level expertise in running numerical models and analysing big data across cloud clusters and supercomputers around the world. We have several decades of published experience in handling and manipulating environmental big data from gigabytes to petabytes, housed in various forms and repository types across international facilities.