We support our Clients by effectively translating technical challenges into key questions, by listening and understanding a Clients needs.

We provide solutions to answer those questions.

  • Hydrodynamic modelling

  • Implications for sea level rise from climate impacts

  • Coastal assessments

  • Development and implementation of monitoring and data collection activities

  • Terrain assessment services

  • Route selection services

  • Sea ice analysis and forecasting

  • Acquisition of satellite data

  • Design and advice on instrumentation for remote and hostile environments

  • Power and telemetry solutions

  • Computational data services

  • High performance and cloud computing

  • Data collection, analysis and modelling

  • Data storage and archiving

  • Mobile field campaigns

  • Viability and risk planning

  • Extended deep field base camp planning

  • Remote field services

  • Expedition science program development

  • Grants management and reporting

  • Project and programme review services

  • Research project review and development

  • Project management

  • Stakeholder engagement and public participation